Sunday, September 12, 2010

Let's try something new

I just registered with Flattr, a sort of microdonation service. I got an invitation for it once that I didn't use until now. I don't know, maybe it's not invite only anymore. Short explanation of what it is... You deposit a bit of money to Flattr, and tell Flattr to take a bit of that money each month as your monthly Flattr amount. Whenever you see a Flattr button on someone's site, you can click it to give the owner a slice of that monthly sum that you set aside. Every click during that month will give a slice, but at the same time making the slices smaller - the total sum will never exceed the monthly amount that you set aside (the actual money won't be transferred until the end of the month). By depositing some money, you can put Flattr buttons on your own items (blog posts, stuff like that). An interesting and easy way to give some love to the things you like without the risk of losing control of how much you give.

So anyhow, I just hope I did this right. I followed some tutorial, pasted some code here and there, and here we are. Suddenly there are Flattr buttons next to each post title. Hopefully they're all unique and not all the same button... I guess time will tell.

I'm dead tired. Looking forward to not setting my alarm and just sleep because it feels like I need it. Tomorrow I have work to do (I'm trying to make a minigame work in the Kanji project) and the upcoming week will probably be quite intense. School gaining momentum, new projects starting up, trying to conclude some overdue things in the Kanji project, preparing the messy apartment before my best friend arrives next weekend. It feels like I have it under control though.

Looking forward to start playing with Unity more on top of everything. Oh, and play more Minecraft (which incidentally was my very first Flattr)!

EDIT: Crap, it seems they are all the same button, and that they only work on the main page - otherwise they're inactive. I get that, since I added the main page as a "thing" on Flattr, but I have no idea how to fix that. I could add all posts manually to Flattr which would probably make the individual pages' buttons work, but that would still not change the fact that the main page showing a summary of the blog will show an other Flattr button on each post. It won't make any difference for me nor anyone who decides to Flattr me, but it's comfusing.

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