Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dusted off the old blog

A redesign of the blog with brighter colors, and a whole lot of spam comments removed. I guess you could say I put out the old duster and cleaned the place up a bit. Before you read any of my older posts and say to yourself "hey, how can he claim to be any good at interface design with light gray text against white background" or something - my previous blog theme was mostly black, and I just don't care to change all my old posts and fix their coloring.

I'm currently working with Kanji Academy still - an e-learning application that teaches Japanese Kanji symbols. I only have two more months to go, and truth be told I'm quite looking forward for it to end. While it started out fine, it has turned into a strange grind of perpetual changes and updates and on top of it all Flash and ActionScript 3 is simply not... good. I honestly hate how it makes the simplest of things a bitch to do.

I'm also currently studying book-keeping and business planning. Over the years I've come to realize what I am and what I'm not, and cannot really see myself working in a bigger company - at least not yet. It's not that I think I couldn't pull it off, I just feel like I wouldn't be comfortable doing it for any extended period of time. I have a different way of thinking and quickly feel frustrated when people gets stuck in a "this is the way it's always been" mentality, and I'd rather try doing things my way for a while.

I do have other projects "in the pipe" so to speak because regardless of what I do I need money to live and survive, but more of those things as they progress.

On another note; I really wish to promote this Indie title: Minecraft

It's a game about running about in a randomly generated world, mining, building things, exploring, landscaping, and trying to survive the monster filled nights. Beautiful, kicks AAA-titles in the face, and I've probably spent close to 100 hours playing it so far. Also, it is the scariest game I've played in years next to Silent Hill 2. It's so extremely spot on and is one of those games that would NEVER be planned, produced and released by any conventional larger game company - it's just so different from today's usual games in every aspect.

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