Sunday, September 12, 2010

About signatures and living in the future

I might have managed to make the Flattr work since it no longer says "Inactive" on the individual post pages, but there's really no way to tell. That's until someone stumbles onto my site with a Flattr account and finds my rantings interesting enough to click one of the buttons. I wish there was a way to just test it myself, to simulate a click just to see if I've got things right. Anyway, doesn't matter much if they're all the same anyway for now, it'll just look a bit strange.

Also, I've been playing around with my site banner. Can't really decide which one to pick. I like clean and simple, but I also like to have footprints somewhere in it as well. The one with the print in the "o" was my first attempt at incorporating the symbol but I'm not sure. I like the middle one most at the moment of the two with prints, but I really like the first one with only simple letters. Maybe I should try some other variant where I don't touch the letters...

Oh, and I like living in the future, by the way. I'm watching Chris Hansen "To Catch An ID Thief" on YouTube on one screen, fiddling with my blog and stuff on the other, and working on my work laptop at the same time. On top of it I'm only using one set of keyboard and mouse on both computers through Synergy+ which really speeds things up. And, in the end, everything I work with gets saved onto Dropbox serving as a simple shared folder on both computers so there is no need to send files over using ftp or usb-memory sticks or whatever.

EDIT: Huh... As I forgot to put a title on the post at first the Flattr button said "Error", but none of the others did. I guess that's a sign that it probably actually works. I just thought I'd see it appear in the list of my submitted "things" on Flattr. Maybe that's just for manually added things?

EDIT: Added a quick forth version. Can't sleep. Possibly too much coffee today, even though it was hours ago I had my last cup. There's admittedly a lot going on in my head at the moment though.

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