Thursday, November 11, 2010

I feel like a thief...

...because I only paid 10€ for Metro 2033 during a sale on Steam. I thought this game would sortofkindof be mediocre in all aspects but...

Fudge. I love this game. I find myself wanting to play Metro 2033 every day; just to go into the sort of cozy-homey yet scary-as-frap tunnels. I love the monster design, I love all the "ambient" dialogue, the short and long events that trigger here and there. I feel never really sure what will happen, even though it's a rather straight-forward shooter.

I keep thinking to myself that Metro 2033 is like Half-Life in Russia. But at the same time, it feels like it's one of a kind. The lighting, animation, varying atmosphere, tension... And the details such as the breathing, the condensation on the visor as the filter gets bad, having to pump up the battery for the light and nightvision (and in my case - the pressure for my weapon).

You are more than often not alone.

I found a weapon rather early on that fires steel balls. You have to reload the weapon as usual AND pump up a pressure in order for the gun to do any damage. One shot is usually enough to take down a human and lesser monster alike even without headshots sometimes. I just can't swap it to anything else ^^ But, when there are lots of enemies coming at me... reloading AND pumping pressure is one freaky scary experience.

I haven't finished it yet, but I'm assuming I'm getting close. It's, for me, one long game. Perfect for an hour or two in the evening, and it has lasted me 9 hours so far the way I've played it.

It feels like a perfectly balanced experience, for me. Not too little of anything, and they are not afraid of having plenty of living and talking humans that aren't firing at you. It's not too hard and it's not too easy, so it's always that tension - will I make it? Will I run fast enough? Will they catch up with me? Will my ammo be sufficient? Will I be able to reload until the next attack? What will happen next? What enemies will I encounter? Will I have enough filters? Will it be scary ♥♥♥♥ or will I have the upper hand and hunt from the shadows? Will I be on foot or in some vehicle? Will I...

Watched by many green eyes...

I love First Person Shooters, and I love how not all games today need to focus on multiplayer. I love multiplayer, but sometimes I want a well-directed epic experience to consume (and be consumed by) all on my own. Immersion and story usually flies right out the window the moment multiplayer becomes the focus.

Metro 2033 is a bit different. It was a bit strange getting used to the controls and field-of-view (even though the controls are, like, really standard ironically), but as I kept playing I got used to it. I sort of "got it". You're a human trying to survive in narrow tunnels from enemies that are far superior in almost every way - except you can take them out from a distance.

Peeking out into the blinding light of a frozen Moscow.

Ah, well, I shall stop ranting.

But again - great game. It's like going off-road, taking a back-alley, leaving the shallow mainstream - only to find a fresh long vibrant alley of substance. And I get to play a Russian. How absolutely refreshing is that.

EDIT: I finished it! It lasted me 11 hours, and got even more epic as the end drew nearer. Beautiful game with, for me, lots of replay value. The dark tunnels of Moscow's metro is strangely beckoning.

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