Sunday, October 24, 2010


<3 a weekend when I can actually relax

<3 the grocery shopping with a friend yesterday, short sleeved and barefoot in 4°C rain

<3 the party at a friend's place yesterday, with tacos, lots of talk and games

<3 bare feet, deeply and sincerely

<3 the autumn and the snow

<3 simple things in life

<3 the now

<3 that one of the most horrible projects at work is soon to end

<3 the future, slowly drifting closer, with a place to finally call my own

<3 dreaming of having a canine friend some day, when time/money/space allows

<3 cool friends that constantly remind me of how awesome humans can be

<3 that it's Sunday and still just time to relax

<3 internet, and all the chill out entertainment and music it provides so easily

<3 my "new" mobile phone that does what it should and looks quite nice

<3 my computer with two monitors that let me do my things my way

<3 all the great artists who draw things that light up my day

<3 my couch, my TV and my game consoles

<3 my plushies

<3 coffee and ice cold water

<3 trying new things and finding out what works for me

<3 the look in the eyes of those who believed theirs was the only way

<3 a confident and secure but playful and curious attitude in others

<3 good communication and sincerity

<3 to say what's on one's mind, to vent both frustrations and happiness

<3 being me, friends being them, and none of us trying to change that

<3 how life can be good

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