Saturday, February 21, 2009

Others sharing my views on piracy

...and even more and more people are getting these things as the days go by.

Take a look here for example [Get Hulu Content on Your TV without Hulu's Help] (Lifehacker blog), where they explain that a whole lot of people want convenience rather than "things for free". The monetary price is not the only thing counted into the investment of acquiring movies/games/etc. Convienience (that I called "simplicity" in earlier posts) is a very important factor.

People get this, and say this, and show this. And even publishers, such as Gabe Newell, founder and managing director for Valve (Steam). Steam - which by the way Mezmer Games (Paradox Interactive) apparently are planning to use as a distributor. Hm, I wonder if Gabe too will be banned from that site for his opinions. Here is a snipped from a DICE conference (thank you Daniel for the link) with Gabe (which I accidentally write "Game" over and over again):

"Gabe doesn't believe that pirates are really seeking to get things for free. They are people that spend thousands on their PC's and Internet service. He believes that pirates are beating companies on service. He cites TV shows not available in certain parts of the world. Pirates have TV shows up on the Web minutes after they have aired."

EDIT 2009-04-17: An entry on Aftonbladet's website (Swedish newspaper)

"The Pirate Bay är inte ”morgondagens industri”, men den ligger närmre lösningen än problemet. Utan tjänster som the Pirate Bay hade förmodligen inte den nya generationens digitala tjänster som Spotify existerat. Morgondagens vinnare är de som inser att de inte tävlar om gratis utan om service."

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