Saturday, February 14, 2009

Beginning of 2009

I thought I should mention my activities of late...

I'm still looking for a job, but I am also working on some own projects. These projects are part for fun and part to provide something to show in future job applications.

Apart from that, I have become a member of quite a few game related communities over the years. The lastest addition to my expanding list of bookmarks is the
Mezmer Games
community. I have also become a member of a Swedish gamer community called GamePlayer.

EDIT: I do not wish for this to blow up in anyone's face - opinions are opinions, we all have them. But, I was banned from MezmerGames for questioning the opinion of their executive vice president. For my own defense and to clarify, I post the discussion in its entirety here. I don't think I did anything wrong, and to my knowledge didn't break any rules and my intention was not to "troll" - I was discussing, keeping anyone's person out of the debate as usual, completely non-anonymously. Banned without any spoken reason. Not even a warning? Just "I feel offended, lets ip-ban".

Honestly, though, I actually doubt he even actually read what I wrote other than the first few lines, and then lashed at me afterwards because the world economy is as it is. He is responsible for marketing. I don't know. But I feel that if he were to actually have read what I was saying, he wouldn't have misunderstood my point of view as he apparently did, and just left it at "agree to disagree" and not compared piracy with arson (or, gathering friends and burning down my house). It was an unprofessional move by him to turn the debate personal. Even though things are crap with the economy, you have to keep it focused.

Hey, I'm unemployed - next month I will literally be out on the street if I or my mate can't find a job - I know how it feels to have an economic crisis. But for me, that just means I need to focus more.

I wish MezmerGames, the users and the team behind it, good luck. I wished I could have been part of it and been there to see something unique grow, but after this I sort of have mixed feelings. I want Mezmer to succeed (or rather, their clients) but I'm not sure I have that confidence in Mezmer after that treatment.

EDIT in 2010: Mezmer fell flat a short while later.

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