Monday, November 10, 2008

I am currently looking for work!

I will be uploading my CV here when it is finished, but until then you can find more information about what I have done so far, my studies and my work experience, by visiting my LinkedIn profile.

I was hired at LockPick until recently to complete a project, which was to create a lot of design for everything from GUI to story to quests and missions, items, descriptions, tutorials, etc, before the game's release - and now that the game (Dreamlords - The Reawakening) is released and able to stand on its own four paws, my work is done. I also did some community relations, involving moderating forums, and answering questions both in the forums and in the in-game chat, as well as on our support.

What I liked to work with the most must have been interface design, as well as the times I got to write text, descriptions and names for various game and interface elements and story. An interface that is as transparent and familiar as possible, and at the same time tailored for Dreamlord's complexity and bound by many restrictions. Descriptions, tooltips, item names, dialog and so on that must both convey a consistent image of the crazy shattered world of Elysion and still explain thoroughly exactly what something is so that players understands what he/she needs in order to play successfully and enjoy the game, all with as few lines of text as possible.

Quality above quantity, consistency above new-and-unproven-for-the-sake-of-new, and aimed for an audience that may know nothing before they get to that perticular piece of interface or dialog.

My primary goal now is to find something in the Stockholm or Gothenburg regions. Both me and my mate are a little tired of living in a small town like Skövde, and are itching to get away to a city where there actually are things to do - new things to explore, more life.

And again, if you want to see a list of my education and experience, then please visit my LinkedIn profile. Thanks!

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Iona Rosin said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :D