Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Unity 3 is Out

As I was playing a little with Unity 2.6 yesterday I stumbled onto their site and noticed that Unity 3 had just been released! I downloaded it and tried to authenticate the free version but the servers seemed to have become completely overworked. A friendly support mail correspondence confirmed this and today I got my free license authorized. Nothing new regarding auto-complete in their own editor, at least not in java script, yet. I suppose it's a good idea to start working with java script to learn the basics and then move to C# and use Visual Express or something to do the coding which has lovely auto-completion and work extremely well next to Unity.

Bought new darker freezedried coffee, sort of interesting. What I don't like with the darker blends is that it sort of smells a little like cigarette ash in ordinary coffee. Tastes a lot better that it smells though.

Just waved my friend off at the train station. She didn't find any apartments, but she's just started looking on the other hand. Now I'm going to launch myself onto the couch and read up on the business planning course, I believe I'm a little bit behind on the literature. I never liked reading books... except reading all the Harry Potter books on my Nintendo DS (with an R4 chip) the other year. Yeah. I'm kind of proud of that accomplishment.

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