Sunday, September 19, 2010

Election Cheating, as usual

And of course, some people around Sweden responsible for putting up boxes with every party's slips and gathering the votes have started cheating this election as well. They do this by placing the box with the "normal" parties first and then placing the "other parties" box a good distance away from them. Some even hide these boxes, or refuse to put them up altogether.

They usually claim that they didn't know better, and traditionally they get away with it because there's always someone else who told them to do something or some other until the point when the trail stops cold. It's of course they themselves that decided to do what they did but find it easy to just wave it away and disclaim responsibility. Much like Socialdemokraterna when Moderaterna passed the FRA-law (mass surveillance of the Swedish people and the ability to sell this information to other nations as the government sees fit - I'm not even kidding, this was big news in Sweden by the time), and many from S claimed that they were opposed to FRA even though it was they who had began the work of passing the law in the first place. It sometimes gets reported and the case goes through some procedure of envelopes and folders and "investigations" by some of the same people who doesn't mind election cheating, and yay, corruption.

Stop cheating, you cowards. Yes, you are cowards, and should be punished severely for it. You, personally, not some theoretical person "above" you that "misled" you. You know the facts and rules, then keep to them.

You can't limit freedom of speech and opinions without removing it altogether, and that's like saying "I don't like democracy". No, you don't get to put an "if..." after that sentence. There'll always be people who thinks in other ways than you do, and you can't justify dismantling what you think is democracy just because you don't like their opinions. I wouldn't want anyone to remove SD's (Sweden's nazi party) slips from the tables either even though I completely despise them and their endless hypocrisy.

Link in Swedish:
Some random election cheating on tape from this election, 2010.

EDIT: I just came back from voting and I must say, I was positively surprised about how perfect that particular place handled everything. All parties sharing the same box. A bit too perfect even; as Piratpartiet had snatched a place at the front of the box. Voting went fine, a lot of people there voting so it took a bit of time. Hopefully, the cheating that IS going on is not that common and hopefully most voting places handles things as good as mine.

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