Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Day After Tomorrow

I'm about to go to bed, but thought I should write a little first. Tomorrow is Saturday (actually, it's Saturday now but for me it's still Friday until I've slept) and that's the last day before my best friend Julia comes to stay for a week. It was ages since she visited and I'm really looking forward to it. She's coming to look around for an apartment as she's decided to move from Kalmar to Skövde. A much needed move I must say, both for her and for me as well.  This town would just feel so much more like home would she live nearby, just a few minutes away and not several hours and several train rides away.

I'll take this opportunity to recommend the website of her book (it is at the time of writing only in Swedish). A few years ago she released her first book. It's about living with schizophrenia, about how it all shaped her childhood and growing up, about finally getting her diagnosis, and about a journey through a living nightmare until finally practically conquering the monster and standing strong.

I totally love you, J.
You're a great inspiration and the best friend I could ever dream of.

If anyone knows of any apartments (for rent) in Skövde, preferably close to Östermalm, then give me a shout! Regardless, visit her site and perhaps Flattr her if you like what she's done why don't ya!

- - -

Next week I'll get in contact with that Flash-developing company that were supposed to "help out" with the Kanji project. I'll try to understand how things are planned for once and see what I'm supposed to do now that the absolute majority of the application has been scrapped and remade. Considering I'm creating modules for the old application at the moment it feels a bit... broken.

Little school next week; like 2-3 classes and a trip to Karlsborg Fortress to take a tour, so I'll have lots of time to wander around town with Julia looking for apartments and letting her "taste" Skövde some. Seriously looking forward to it. It kind of feels like the first time I get to relax in a long while. Not that I won't have lots of things to do with school and work as usual - she just has a unique way of soothing me just by being close and by being happy. Hard to explain. It just kind of just is.

Now I should probably go to bed.

Tomorrow there's apparently supposed to be an update for Minecraft. One day late, but that's fine. Better new features a bit late and good than stressed and broken (or worse - without soul). People should really slap themselves and remind themselves that Minecraft is still in Alpha and not in Beta. Anyhow, looking forward to anything that enriches the already awesome experience.

And remind me not to buy potato chips again. I don't know why I do it. Every time I eat them it's like dropping little grenades into my stomach. The pain and bathroom occupation. Stupid.

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