Friday, June 8, 2007


- DOWNLOAD: Rainpaper (7.5MB)

Also a game made during the same course in school as NFAB. I designed this game once many years ago as a child when it was raining outside. I was playing around with papers, scissors, some dice, pens and so on, and came up with this. Later on, I redesigned the game so that it only needed one die, pen and checkered paper. This is simply a computerized version of that version of the game. No scoring system or anything; it's just meant as a time killing game.

While studying in the swedish "gymnasium", I often played this on hard just to survive the boring math and physics lessons. Think of the game as part strategic and part random. Don't worry, I also hate games that are completely random.

NOTE: It is important that you read the game's description at the title screen. You may think you've played this game before, but if you haven't played Rainpaper, you haven't played Rainpaper, simply put.

As with NFAB, this game is also locked to 1280x1024 resolution. And yes, the screenshots are actually from different versions of the game taking during the work process. The first screenshot shows a round that took about an hour, using an early version of the game.

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